Citizens have rights
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Dear Editor,

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to you, the Patterson Irrigator, and Tank Town Media for bringing trouble your way.

I cannot understand why Councilmember Lustgarten chose to announce to the community that I work at the newspaper, therefore the newspaper is no longer credible.

For the record, I consult with Tank Town Media on their commercial printing operations.

I have no affiliation with the newspaper, what they publish and what they do not.

I am a private citizen now; she and her husband should not be checking on my employment status with anyone. It is none of their business, and is disturbing to me that phone calls and public comments are being made in what I believe to be an effort to further intimidate me.

Equally disturbing is the thought that two people hold one seat. Why in the world is her husband involving himself in her issues as an elected official?

In my eight years of service to the community of Patterson, never did I have my husband intercede or interfere in my council duties or issues.

It is incumbent upon the City Attorney to explain to her that she is not allowed to stalk or harass the citizenry, or engage in interfering with someone’s ability to earn a wage, and especially not from council chambers! As a registered voter and taxpayer, I do not want to hear “Crab Chowder” excuses or deflections of blame coming from an elected official. I want to know that the City and Council will rein in this member once and for all.

Annette Smith,

Former Council Member

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May 02, 2014
I agree with Ms. Smith comments, the city council members should be do their civic duties and not harass private citizens, ie. Ms. Smith. We the citizens voted you in and we the citizens can vote you out! Stick to City matters and leave your personal dispute's at home not in the city's chambers. You and only you were voted in as a city council member, not your spouse's, so you should follow your heart!

Michelle A.Saleen

Patterson Resident

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