Patterson’s heir arrives right on schedule
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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It’s trivia time – time for clearing the notes off the desk and taking a brain laxative.

A surprise visitor popped into Patterson last week. Jay Patterson, great-grandson of our town founder T.W. Patterson, was passing through and stayed a couple of nights with Mimi Draper. He also visited with her next door neighbor and a friend of Jay’s, John V. Azevedo.

Thus Jay was here on Friday, March 14, the 100th anniversary of his great-grandfather’s death, as chronicled in this newspaper.

Jay, who lives in Redmond, Ore., did not realize the noted anniversary until it was pointed out to him in the Irrigator. He was returning from a short driving trip to Mexico.

The maiden History Day last Saturday involving Patterson’s middle and high school students was considered by all to be highly successful. I can’t wait until next year!

First they can’t get the welding right on the $6 billion Bay Bridge project. Then an airplane is lost with 239 passengers aboard. Heck, all we lost here in City Hall was a paltry $8 million – but fortunately it was eventually found.

Next time you are in the City Hall lobby, check out the display case for a pair of ancient typewriters that belong to a city staffer. Well worth the look. These two are more ancient than Ol’ Blackie, the machine I pounded for 40 years that is now in the museum across the street.

Just the other day in a meeting of about 12 of us, a date for the next meeting was suggested. Everyone pulled out their electronic calendars to check their commitments – except me.

Really folks, I have chosen to remember my commitments. Keeps the brain active. It also causes me to miss a meeting now and then.

Also, take notice of the beautiful climbing yellow rose way up in a tree on the Mahaffey property. That would be on Las Palmas Avenue between Ninth Street and Ward Avenue. Specular!

Fast Talk is a shorter than normal this week. My computer hasn’t yet cooled off from last week.


A team in the Nor-Cal playoffs representing the Santa Rosa area that scores only 17 points and loses by nearly 50 is a team that doesn’t deserve to be in the Nor-Cal playoffs. Or are our valley teams – Patterson included – just that superior?


Somewhere I read that your feet carry 25 billion bacteria. Mine too. Which brings a trio of questions to mind:

Is that on each foot, or both?

Who counted?

And was it before or after a shower?

I think we deserve an answer.

Ron Swift is the editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

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