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by Brooke Borba | Patterson Irrigator
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There are certain disasters we can’t control—typhoons, droughts, sickness, etc.—no matter what precautionary measures we may take. But there are some ways we can make a difference; there are some ways we can prevent disasters—notably, crime. Although we can’t control the motives of others, we can be a little more insightful about what we choose to pay attention to.

As of this year, vandalism has really taken its toll on our community in the worst way possible. Not only are the vandals going after our private property, but they are going after community service amenities.

When I found out that damage occurred to Patterson Fire Engine No. 2 on Jan. 14, I was in a state of shock. Someone actually chucked a rock or shot a pellet gun at a community service vehicle? And not just any vehicle, but one that firefighters drive through the community every day, providing protection for those who greatly need the service.

Besides the extensive damage, the firefighter riding in the front passenger seat could have been seriously injured. I’m appalled. I honestly can’t believe someone is selfish and stupid enough to take out a service vehicle or a hard working volunteer that saves multiple lives on a daily basis.

There is no sense in it. No one wins in this situation, including the vandal, who probably needs the fire department the most if you consider their irrational, juvenile behavior.

Although things have calmed down a bit since the attack on Engine No. 2, there was news Monday evening, Feb. 17, concerning two bricks that were thrown through the front office window and a large rock thrown at a side door window of the Patterson District Ambulance office.

Thank goodness no one was hurt, but the size of the rock pictured on their status update is incredibly massive. If it were to strike anyone, it could have caused serious damage or even killed someone.

This attack would at least make a little bit of sense if this particular building were a convenience store or something close to that effect, but it wasn’t. This was just a pure act of stupidity in my opinion. What is the motive behind throwing bricks at our local ambulance headquarters? What is their motive and why are they attacking our services?

These are all very good questions, but they will not solve the current problem at hand. Our personal and public property is continually being destroyed, and it is up to us to curb the crime rate. We must be vigilant and more attentive to what we see and hear around town.

Patterson’s economic value and social health depends on safety, and we must step up as citizens to retain and reaffirm it. I’m not saying you should become a Batman vigilante, but there are easy steps that ultimately contribute to our safety.

Know your neighbors and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Become acquainted with new neighbors and familiarize yourself with their family members.

Pay attention to suspicious behavior and keep your homes well lit to deter potential criminals.

Educate yourself and your neighbors about hotlines and crisis centers.

Secure your valuables.

Use your observation skills regularly.

Virtually everyone wants a safer environment in which to work, live and play, but not everyone goes about ensuring it in the same way.

Some see it strictly as the responsibility of law enforcement and legislators. This isn’t always the case. If you want to make a difference in your community, and you want to stop these attacks on your personal and public property, we must all work together.

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