Not 'my' moral compass
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Frankly, I am disturbed and disappointed that the Irrigator has chosen to repeatedly print letters that are so full of hate and innuendo as Mr. Ruiz's and Ms Griego's.

I think it's time for another perspective. Ms. Griego, we are actually on the same page about many issues. I, too, am saddened by the high incidence of divorce, AIDS, suicide, incest, etc, that you cite. But calling these "immoral diseases" and blaming liberal politics only perpetuates the climate of hate that permeates our society. It's letters like yours that push people apart, rather than bring them together. Bringing people together is what is so needed right now.

Your assertion that somehow those of us who are not Christians are the cause of the world's woes is, quite frankly, extremely offensive. I have a moral compass, Ms. Griego. It is not based on your religion or your god. I believe in treating people with love, compassion and generosity. I believe, as it says in the Bible, in being stewards of the earth. I do not believe in name calling and innuendo, and I don't think Jesus did either. I do not believe that hateful letters accomplish anything but perpetuate more hate.

The usage of the word "lifestyle" to refer to gays is so outdated and it denies the facts. Where were you when scientists determined, many years ago, that people are born gay? It is not a choice. It is a fact. The same goes for your assertion that AIDS is killing gay men. Are you not aware that married women now constitute the majority of new AIDS cases?

Bullying, as you said, has been occurring since time began. I will accept your citation that the majority of suicides still occur by people in the 45-64 age range, but teen suicides are on the rise, and it's mostly because of bullying. Kids bully those who are fat, thin, black, Asian, white, tall, short, smart, gay, or in any way different. All four of my children have been bullied at one time or another. Kids get away with it because no one tells them not to.

The Challenge Day that Patterson High School recently had was a huge success because the kids who participated in it experienced that they are, actually, all the same. They all have hopes and dreams, ideas and plans. They all want love, acceptance, and choices. All of them. Not just the gay ones. Your kids, too.

Want to make the world better? Stop buying into partisan politics and name calling. Contact the school district and tell them you support anti-bullying campaigns. Send some money to Host House (Helping Others Sleep Tonight) to help give temporarily homeless people the lift they need to get back on their feet. Get involved in feeding the homeless at North Park.

Let us all work together to end poverty, disease and war. Can we all agree on that?

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9]

Best regards,

Barbara Langstaff, Patterson resident

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