Resolutions can succeed with will power, second try
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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It’s that time again.

I’ve always believed in making New Year resolutions. Sometimes just one — other years several. It all depends on just how much one wants to improve himself.

If a person is quite successful in keeping resolutions, then it stands to reason that at, shall we say, an advanced age, one is nearing perfection.

I’ll cite an example. At age 37, I resolved to quit smoking on the stroke of midnight at the start of the New Year. I disposed of my cigarettes and dowsed my matches with water. And I proclaimed to anyone within earshot that I resolved to be tobacco-free for eternity.

It worked. I didn’t light up again (with a borrowed smoke) until about the start of the Rose Bowl game late the next afternoon.

But …

I repeated the same resolution the very next New Year, telling no one, and haven’t had another cigarette in nearly 40 years. So resolutions do work if the willpower is there.

Some resolutions are quite common: losing weight, more exercise, saving money and resisting chocolate, to name a few.

Maybe you’ve had these same resolutions on your list in past years. Don’t hesitate to try again (remember my smoking).

Having pondered for some time about my resolutions for 2013, I’ve settled on just one that will aid me in retaining my sanity, keeping my lifestyle on an even keel, avoiding disturbing anxiety with family and friends, and possibly prolonging my life.

I resolve in 2013 to remain cell phone free.

A bad combination

Some people collect stamps, or plates or hand tools. Some favor coins, antiques, jewelry and even guns.

I understand that. Collecting is an enjoyable hobby, whatever your interest. I have no qualms with that.

The few gun collectors with whom I am acquainted keep the weapons under lock and key, just as most people secure their prized collections. I do the same.

But what I don’t understand — even though it’s very much legal — are those who have a multi-stash of firearms lying around the house unsecured.

Example: the mother of the young man responsible for the incomprehensible Newtown, Conn., school tragedy reportedly had five weapons at her house. Hardly a collection, but certainly more firepower than needed for personal protection.

She also had a son around the house with very perceptible problems. That’s a bad combination.

Mayans and the colonel

While the rest of you sat around last Friday, Dec. 21, awaiting the world to end, I stopped by to see John V. Azevedo, known to many Pattersonites as Col. John. He happened to be observing his 93rd birthday and appeared to be enjoying the occasion.

I knew the Mayans were wrong. I even waited until late in the day to pay John a visit.

For the sports fan

Both the Patterson High boys and girls basketball teams have posted impressive early-season victories. After you’ve finished watching 35 bowl games on the television, taking in local hoops games might be refreshing.

By the way, you may have noted that the No. 1-ranked Duke Blue Devils stretched their record to 11-0 last week with a convincing win over Elon.

Elon? The BDs should be ashamed of themselves.

And finally…

As one of my Boy Scouts told me, 2013 will be a year of change.

He plans to change his socks — at least once.

n Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

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