Half of candidates are no-shows
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It really made me wonder as I sat waiting to hear from candidates who were supposed to speak, what kind of people do we have in Patterson who want to sit on our City Council and make decisions for our community and our city? And they also “want” to be trusted?

Only four candidates out of everyone who is either running for mayor or City Council took it seriously enough to keep their commitment to attend Patterson’s Central Valley Association of Realtors Westside Council meetings. I find it very rude, inconsiderate and very unprofessional to commit themselves and not show up.

All candidates were invited, and all committed to come and speak to our group regarding their candidacies. How responsible are you if you can’t even show up to a meeting to present your case regarding your views if elected? I find the lack of integrity in very poor taste.

But on a brighter note, thank you to Luis Molina, Troy McComak, Dennis McCord and Dominic Farinha. Best of luck to all of you!

Irma Eyzaguirre, CVAR Westside Council of Realtors

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October 25, 2012
I'm very sorry that the realtors feel this way. I too believe it is important that candidates and councilmembers fulfill their obligations when they commit to meeting with a group or individual. But with all due respect, I do need to clarify an issue regarding the my attendance at the CVAR Westside Meeting. I was scheduled and had committed to speak at your meeting this past Tuesday, and I had every intention of coming to the meeting. However, as I explained in a call prior to the meeting, I threw out my knee and had to attend a doctor's appointment that morning. My doctor has now scheduled me for knee surgery for Nov 14. But I can assure you that I did have every intention of being there.

The manner in which the meetings with the council candidates were scheduled was in the order in which their candidate paperwork was filed. So I might also suggest that in the future, you may want to consider inviting all of the candidates to attend the same meeting so that you can hear from them all at once.

I would still be interested in speaking to the group as a concerned resident regarding our community's real estate issues. I'm sorry, and I meant no disrespect.


Sheree Lustgarten
October 25, 2012
After reading the letter from Sheree Lustgarten, it's hard for me to believe anything in the letter from the Editor. Get the facts before making negative comments about candidates. Sheree read your comments, Not everyone reads them so you don't know if the others received invitations or had a previous commitment or had to cancel due to things beyond their control. They should not be expected to defend themselves against comments not comfirmed.
October 27, 2012
Sheree Lustgarten came to my house and spoke to me about her campaign. We talked about the problems our family is having with our house and what we're trying to do to keep from going to foreclosure. She connected me with State Assemblyman Cathleen Galgiani, and her office is helping us find resources to save our house. Sheree cares about what's happening in Patterson and she definitely has our vote.

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