Salary comparisons between city council and PJUSD board of trustees
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The raising of salaries (or stipends or pay or whatever) for the Patterson City Council just begged a comparison.

That would be a comparison with the trustees of the Patterson Joint Unified School District.

As previously noted, the council rate will increase to $300 a month ($500 for the mayor) when their current terms expire. So what do the trustees receive?

The seven trustees, who like the council members put in a fair share of time while serving in their elective positions, receive one $300 stipend late in the year. Nothing more – zilch. And it is reasoned that the annual figure is a reimbursement for at least some of the expenses incurred as an elected official.

The school district does pay for expenses by trustees who choose to attend the annual meeting of the California School Boards Association, as well as continued education opportunities. But that’s all.

Certainly no health care benefits. Just $300 a year or about $6 a week. Quite a bargain for the taxpayers.


If you are reading this on Thursday, April 3 (if you aren’t, then shame on you), then hum the happy birthday song for Florence Perry Cogswell, mother of John and mother-in-law of Betty Perry. She’s now living in a Newman care facility and turned 101 today.

And let us belatedly note the March 20 birthday of Aileen Cabral of Crows Landing. She was 102 on that date.

But sadly we recently lost longtime Pattersonite Kathleen “Kay” Krause from our 90-plus list. She died last month at age 94.


Why is a sizable percentage of the population of our country overweight? It just occurred to me.

We eat too much.

But of course you already knew that. What I’m referring to is the size of proportions at the dinner table. Slabs of meat that are far larger than we ate decades and generations ago. Too many slices of bread and far too much butter on each. Then each slice loaded up with slathers of jam or jelly. Not one cookie, but several.

The portions seem to be growing much larger these days. In my youth the pies were cut into eighths; they are frequently quarter pieces now. You get the idea … we simply eat too much. And we’re paying for it.

Now, on to progress. Many have mentioned the unsightliness of that boarded up house on Sperry Avenue between Ninth Street and Walgreens. Progress has been made. The large tree limb across its roofline is no longer there.

Is there ever a time when mattresses aren’t on sale?

Local agriculturalists – “farmers” to many of us – should be elated at the moisture we’ve been getting. I told you it would rain last weekend because the Boy Scouts were going camping. Troop 81 cancelled its plans but Troop 82 survived Saturday night’s downpour. Thanks for inviting me, guys.

I should mention that a major catastrophe was averted late Saturday afternoon. As I was pulling up the hood on my rain jackets, I unknowingly dislodged one of my hearing aids. But everyone willingly joined in the search and the missing instrument was found on the wet ground within minutes. Whew!!!

Sometime in the night, it stopped raining. But having our tents under large trees created very gigantic and noisy drips about every minute for the remainder of the night. To me inside my little tent, the pounding drops sounded like gunshots. I envisioned being at the OK Corral.

But that’s life in the out-of-doors.


Salaries of college coaches have climbed to astronomical levels. And they get bonuses off their athletes’ high levels of success.

But now we read that the athletic director at Ohio State makes nearly a million a year. And he gets bonuses as well for hiring successful coaches. He earned an $18,000 bonus recently when a Buckeye wrestler won a NCAA title. (The wrestler got a trophy.)

So, will the college presidents who hire the ADs who hire the coaches who lead their respective athletic teams to success also get bonuses?

Just askin’.


E-mail messages just keep on a-comin’. Here’s one:

Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.

Have a nice day.

Ron Swift is the editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

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