Beware of the fanpires
by Ashley Alldredge
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About two months ago, I noticed a small phrase among the many writings of a bathroom stall. It said, “Edward Cullen is MINE!” with a large heart around it.

As I stared at it in disbelief, I couldn’t help but think: Are you kidding me?

Sure, I was excited about the “Twilight” movie and had a small craze for it, but you won’t see me writing possessive love notes about fictional characters on a bathroom stall.

As I walked around school, it seemed like the place erupted in “Twilight” fever. Almost everyone seemed to be carrying the book with them, “Team Edward” T-shirts were everywhere, and book bags with the movie poster plastered on them was the latest fashion statement.

What annoyed me most were the fan-girls who took the book to a whole new level, like the writing on the bathroom wall. Don’t they know that it’s all fake? That the characters don’t actually exist? That it’s just a book?

“Oh, I am so much like Bella,” one might say, “I am clumsy and I wear lavender and freesia scented perfume!”

It’s the group of girls who ask to be nicknamed Bella and the ones who think they’ve found their own personal Edward because the guy sitting next to them in biology class is good-looking.

And what’s worse, “New Moon” will come out this November, so “Twilight” will never leave Hot Topic and the fandom won’t go away.
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