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Rescuing the Patterson-Westley Chamber of Commerce
Effort is currently being made to resuscitate the Patterson-Westley Chamber of Commerce. The chamber has been on life support the last several years. Without a part-time paid staff member, an offic...
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Salary comparisons between city council and PJUSD board of trustees
The raising of salaries (or stipends or pay or whatever) for the Patterson City Council just begged a comparison. That would be a comparison with the trustees of the Patterson Joint Unified School ...
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The cost of being a councilmember
It was not until a little over 15-years ago that elected members of the Patterson City Council received no pay. Not a dime. That was the tradition for over 75 years. At that time the rate was set a...
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Patterson’s heir arrives right on schedule
It’s trivia time – time for clearing the notes off the desk and taking a brain laxative. A surprise visitor popped into Patterson last week. Jay Patterson, great-grandson of our town founder T.W. P...
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Mark your calendars
Those eagle-beagles who insist that nothing happens in our fair community without their knowledge are advised to turn their attention to three projects in their infancy. Let’s start with next year’...
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Dredging up old travel memories
Americans like to travel. Maybe not all Americans, but enough that when visiting a foreign land, travelers from the United States come across each other in many off-the-beaten-track bailiwicks. HM ...
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When a columnist becomes repetitious
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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If readers have a truly legitimate complaint, it’s when a columnist becomes repetitious. And I have to plead guilty. My views on cell phones are well known – “sickenly well known,” according to a f...
A list of centenarians and 90-Plus
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The other day a reader asked why the age 90 was chosen for recognizing people with Patterson-area connections who blow out numerous candles. My answer was lame. Actually, I don’t recall how or why ...
Mastering instruction manuals
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Some readers may remember (I hope you do) the saga of our stolen auto some three months ago. Five nights later it was wrecked in the Fairfield area, where its occupants were apprehended and immedia...
Improve Our Community project
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
Feb 04, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 138 138 recommendations | email to a friend
A Patterson resident, who shall here go nameless, has undertaken a one-man Improve Our Community project. We need more like him. Once a month he treks out to the freeway and cleans up trash along t...
Whether the weather is cold, whether the weather is fine
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We took a break the other day, HM (Housemate) and I. We headed out for a long weekend in Monterey. It was our first time out of Stanislaus County since last June, at least together. Actually, we we...
Bring out the rain dancers
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Governor Jerry Brown has never been at the top of my “favorite public officials” list. In fact, I’ve never much cared for Jerr since the days of the Med-fly, which endangered our tree crops. He was...
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